The Megatester End-Cap

megtes_shot3_0058What It Is:

The Megatester End-Cap is what makes the Megatester work. Normal AA flashlight end-caps are simply there to hold the batteries in place and to complete the circuit. The Megatester End-Cap allows you to use your flashlight as a continuity tester. It safely diverts the 3 volts from the batteries to a test lead. When in its stowed position, clipped to the end-cap, the flashlight operates normally.

How It Works:

With the flashlight turned on, remove the test lead. You now have a very handy continuity tester. Touch the end-cap to one side of the part you’d like to test and the clip to the other. When the flashlight lights up, you’ve completed the circuit. You can test things like fuses, switches, headlights, tail-lights, and trailer wiring. Having a Megatester continuity tester on your side will save you time. Get your Megatester today.

Will it fit?

The Megatester End-Cap will fit the AA Mini Maglite flashlight.