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Testimonial: Merrimac Home Contracting Co. (Video)

Contractor and owner of Merrimac Home Contracting Company uses Megatester while building homes and orders additional ones as gifts for his clients.

Tesimonial: Swiss Trax (Video)

Testimonial: Jerry-North Carolina

I recently took my car into the shop to have my headlight repaired. I paid over $100 for a new headlight. While discussing this with a friend of mine, he laughed at me for spending that kind of money for something I could have done myself. He showed me this neat tool that he had …

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Testimonial: Sheri Carpenter

This has got to be the coolest tool ever and it is one that I can use lol. Usually hubby doesn’t let me touch tools but he actually let me try this one out. This has been a great tool around here the past couple of days. We have old wiring in our house and …

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  Shopgirl: Product Friday! Ever had your lights blink out when it wasn’t storming outside? I know: frustrating! With this new tool, I can turn on the flashlight to light my way to the problem, then use the testing device on the end to figure out where the electrical path is broken. Cool, right? It …

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