The Megatester Story

I own a collision repair shop in Syracuse, NY. One day we had a car up on an expensive frame machine. One of my techs told me the frame machine was not working. He had checked the circuit breaker and that was ok, he thought the multi-function switch may have been bad, and needed to test it. We needed a continuity tester. After looking in my shop for over an hour, I could not find one.

I was ready to go to a hardware store and buy a tester, when I thought about my Mini Maglite* that I always carried in my pocket. I could possibly use my flashlight to do my test. With the aid of 2 of my employees and a piece of wire, I was able to use my flashlight to perform a continuity test on the multi-function switch. I located the problem, fixed it, and we were able to get the job done.

That was the last time I was going to spend hours looking for a tester. I decided to permanently modify my Maglite* so it could ALSO be used as a tester. I was so pleased with my prototype’s reliability, ease of use and more. I worked tirelessly over many months to refine and modify my tool, eventually applied for – and was granted – a US Patent. This gave me the confidence to begin manufacturing the Megatester in larger volumes and begin selling to residential and commercial customers in the United States and Canada. That is how the Megatester was born.

– Dick Dulasky, President/ Inventor

* Megatester, Inc is in no way affiliated with Maglite