Testimonial: Jerry-North Carolina

I recently took my car into the shop to have my headlight repaired. I paid over $100 for a new headlight. While discussing this with a friend of mine, he laughed at me for spending that kind of money for something I could have done myself. He showed me this neat tool that he had purchased called a Megatester. He showed me how to use it, and I could not believe how easy it was. The mechanic that replaced my headlight had left the old headlight on the front seat, so I decided to test it with my Megatester. When I first tried to test the headlight, it did not work. As I was moving the clip away, my Megatester lit up. I noticed there was some corrosion on the bulb, so I cleaned that off and tested the headlight again. The Megatester lit up indicating that the headlight my mechanic replaced was good. I installed the old headlight and took the new headlight back to my mechanic. Boy was he embarrassed!

Jerry-North Carolina