MegaTester LED – Super Bright LED Flashlight Continuity Tester

MegaTester Continuity Tester

MegaTester_Testing_SwitchMegaTester is a super-bright LED flashlight with a continuity tester built-in.

1. With the flashlight turned on, remove the test lead. You now have a very handy continuity tester.

2. Touch the end-cap to one side of the part you’d like to test and the clip to the other.

3. When the flashlight lights up, you’ve completed the circuit.

You can test things like fuses, switches, headlights, tail-lights, and trailer wiring. Having a MegaTester continuity tester on your side will save you time.


Megatester HeadbandBelt HolsterMegaTester Belt Holster with Built-In Headlight Headband

Converts from a belt holster to a headband for an instant headlight
No more holding a flashlight in your teeth!

The MegaTester Headband-Belt Holster is a flashlight holster with a headband strap built in. You can now keep your LED flashlight pointed in the right direction without holding it in your mouth. The flashlight holster’s two part design allows you to quickly and easily remove the headband for hands-free use. When you’re done with the flashlight headband, just clip it back to your side.


MegaTester New Retail Packaging



Features & Benefits 

• MegaTester with its built-in continuity tester can test bulbs, fuses, switches, trace wires, and find bad grounds!

• You’ll be amazed at how many other things you can test with this handy little gadget!

• Patented, lifetime guarantee

• So small, so simple, so many uses!

• Now you can carry an LED flashlight, a headlight and an electrical tester with you all the time.

• Ordinary flashlights only light the way to a problem, MegaTester will help you fix it!